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    Bespoke e-learning

    We create e-learning that inspires, entertains, educates and involves learners – delivering real benefits to the business.

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    Experienced specialists

    We’ve been developing e-learning for over 20 years – including courses for some of the world’s best-known brands.

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    Cost-effective courses

    High quality doesn’t have to come at a high price. Our e-learning is as affordable as it is successful.

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    E-learning for today

    Courses that run as brilliantly on tablets and mobiles as they do on desktops, developed using today’s open standards.

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    Reliable service

    We can be trusted to deliver. Our structured methodology ensures that we seldom bust either deadlines or budgets.

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Bespoke e-learning for desktop, tablet and mobile

We create interactive and engaging e-learning – anything from a short course or infomercial (lasting just a few minutes), to larger multi-part e-learning programmes for national or global use.

Harlequin – straightforward people; painless e-learning

Our clients don’t want the Earth. They want good value, e-learning that works and to be the part of the process. That’s definitely not too much to ask.


We believe that the most effective learning programmes are fun, engaging and – wherever possible – short. Let’s face it, learners (and employers) generally want to spend as little time learning as possible and get on with their jobs.


Perhaps the biggest reason that our work is successful is that we’re great collaborators – we don’t just “work with clients”, we involve them in the whole process. We’re neither prescriptive nor precious – but we’re passionate about getting it right.


Our work is very cost-effective. We’ve been told by clients that we’re often cheaper than outsourcing overseas. No corners are cut: we’re very service-orientated, love what we do and approach our work with energy and enthusiasm.

E-learning that’s outstanding on every level

E-learning’s never had so many possibilities: creatively, educationally and technologically. Let’s go for it, then.

Engaging content

If it’s not interesting, it’s ineffectual. Our aim is to create engaging, challenging e-learning which keeps learners absorbed, fascinated and involved.

Flexible solutions

We’re not prescriptive. We work with you, to understand what’s going to be the most effective solution for your organisation. Then we build that, from the ground up.

Projects small and large

Whether you need to teach a few hundred people or hundreds of thousands, provide a brief refresher or teach an involved topic in-depth, we can help.


Yes, HTML5 and other buzzwords. All that stuff under the bonnet: we work to modern, open standards where possible.

SCORM and Tin Can

You need your e-learning courses to chat to your learning-management system? Sure, no problem.

Desktop, tablet, mobile

E-learning should be flexible – so learners can take courses when and where it best suits both them and you.

Great e-learning comes from great collaboration

Our structured, participative, e-learning development methodology keeps you in control, with sign-off at every stage. We don’t move on until you're ready. It may be structured, but it’s not a straightjacket and it's not going to take forever - our typical engagement takes between eight to ten weeks.



We meet with you to work out what the project needs to achieve, including learning outcomes, business drivers, timescales and so on. We also explore the required learning environment (LMS, intranet, SCORM/Tin Can etc).



We fashion a blueprint document which we then circulate – to ensure that we’ve understood your needs and also so you can understand how the course will shape up, when it will be delivered and how much it will cost.



Now we really roll our sleeves up. We work with stakeholders and subject-matter experts to define the precise content of the course. We work out lesson plans, including study topics, building up the e-learning programme as we go.



The storyboard is crafted by our instructional designers to reflect every word and action within the final e-learning. We work together to hone this document until it reflects exactly what’s needed.



Our graphic designers work with your branding team to create an initial e-learning lesson for you to review. This is a great way to see the course come to life and make sure we’re on-brand.



Our e-learning designers get their heads down and create the course, building it with your choice of technology and integrating with your learning-management system if needed.



A review and sign-off cycle is agreed when we start work. Your input is crucial, so we encourage it at all times; indeed, you’ll be able to watch our progress on a daily basis. It’s important that you like what we’ve done, so we ask you to ‘sign off’ each stage of the e-learning programme. We don’t progress until you are 100% happy.



The big day – the course goes live. We help with the launch process and assist with any support requests.


Post-live review

The job’s not done until it’s done. We close the loop on the project by working with stakeholders to review how the course has gone – and see if any further actions are needed.

We’ve delivered e-learning projects for…

We’ve worked with companies large and small, national and global, across a wide range of sectors. We also work with other learning companies to develop e-learning programmes on their behalf.

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A proven track record spanning 20 years

We’ve been developing e-learning since the dawn of the industry (and before that, developing classroom-based training courses). We don’t know everything: but we know how to provide your business with the courses it needs to help your colleagues succeed.

  • “Harlequin has delivered a number of pieces of e-learning which have always been of a consistently high quality and value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Harlequin.” Sharon Rigby, Manager of Project Services at QA
  • “Every time we have engaged with Harlequin, they have achieved excellent results, a top quality service and always delivers fantastic value for money. I would not hesitate in recommending them (apart from the fact that I wouldn’t want them to get so busy that they can’t fit our work in too!). A great team to do business with and a true e-learning guru at the head.” Ben Pike, Director of QA Apprenticeships
  • “Harlequin are highly creative and intelligent e-learning developers, whom I would have no hesitation in recommending. Harlequin is always focussed on providing their clients with first-rate solutions and their portfolio is impressive. Best of all, they are super fun to work with!” Philippa Thomas, Managing Director, Matchett Group
  • “The team at Harlequin are intensely creative in their work which is of the highest quality. They have never failed to exceed our expectations. As a company, we have on many occasions won deals based upon a demonstration of work commissioned from Harlequin.” Shaun Cassidy, Four Business Solutions
  • “Harlequin has become a virtual member of my department, delivering results of exceptional quality time and again – being responsive to both my own and my clients’ requirements. I have no hesitation enlisting Harlequin’s services to deliver e-learning courses. Harlequin remains a trusted service partner and I recommend them without reservation.” Brett Dorney, Director at Argent Risk Management Consulting
  • “We worked with Harlequin to create a course to both teach our sales force IT skills and to convert them from a product-focussed to a consultative style. It was a really tough challenge. Moreover, the team from Harlequin had to come up to speed on our data/SMS services in a matter of days, when it took most people several months! Harlequin met our needs and exceeded all our expectations.” Jane Bromley, Marketing Account Manager, Vodafone Data Services
  • “Harlequin produced an innovative e-learning course that incorporated video within an animated presentation. The result was excellent and, as well as being visually stunning, it achieved the key learning objectives of the programme. I would not consider going elsewhere for e-learning.” Kevan Hewitt, owner, MAPD Solutions
  • “Harlequin did a fantastic job on developing the e-learning for one of our Castrol marketing programmes. Their strengths are: delivering on time, quality, flexible for changes, very creative and professional. I would recommend Harlequin to everybody who needs great e-learning; but only when they are not working on one of my projects!” Doris Kunschitz, Head of Global Marketing Programmes, BP Lubricants

Samples of our work

Take a look through some of the e-learning projects we’ve completed for other organisations.
If you’d like to see more, just get in touch.

  • Sample e-learning course
  • Sample e-learning course
  • Sample e-learning course
  • Sample e-learning course
  • Sample e-learning course
  • Sample e-learning course
  • Sample e-learning course

Bespoke e-learning

We create bespoke e-learning of any duration, for delivery on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Each course is developed to meet your precise requirements, from your branding through to your lrarning requirements. Our e-learning can be hosted online, on your intranet or your Learning Management System.

  • Sample e-book
  • Sample e-book
  • Sample e-book
  • Sample e-book
  • Sample e-book
  • Sample e-book


Attractive and easily understood, e-books provide an alternative to console-style e-learning and are an excellent way of guiding colleagues through either light or detailed topics. The book metaphor is one with which all are familiar and helps the learner to quickly dive in, explore and learn. What's more, our e-books can include video, software simulations, process tours and audio.

  • Sample e-learning containing video
  • Sample e-learning containing video
  • Sample e-learning containing video
  • Sample e-learning containing video


Embedding video into e-learning is a great way to deliver key learning points with pace – and provides an excellent way to add informality to a course.

Our video production team will work with you to shoot the videos we need to create exceptional e-learning. We can also work with your own in-house teams to develop scripts and storyboards to let them produce the video assets for the e-learning.

  • Sample infomercial
  • Sample infomercial
  • Sample infomercial

Infomercials and explainer videos

When you’ve got a short and important message to deliver, few things can beat the efficiency and pace that come from an infomercial or explainer video.

Get in touch

If you’d like to chat about your project, e-learning aspirations or training goals drop us a line or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

Our contact details

Harlequin Training Solutions
Hessacott Cottage
PL15 9RE
United Kingdom
Phone: 07976 841956
E-mail: info@harlequinsolutions.com

Let’s talk

We’re always interested in hearing from potential clients and partners. We like to think that we’re friendly and helpful, too – so always feel welcome to get in touch.

About Harlequin

For twenty years, Harlequin Training Solutions has developed all sizes of e-learning programme, providing e-learning to some of the world’s best-known companies.

We currently estimate that our e-learning has been responsible for increasing the skills of no fewer than 1.5 million people in more than 34 countries around the globe.

We've crafted bespoke e-learning on a range of subjects as diverse as improving the efficacy by which oil wells are drilled, to health and safety in the office, to anti-money laundering legislation and countless software training and assessment programmes.

No matter what your requirement, you can be sure that we'll adapt and apply our skills as instructional designers and e-learning professionals to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

It's not unusual for us to be asked: “Why are you called Harlequin?”

The answer is simple: the Harlequin is fabled for being colourful, entertaining and engaging - which is how we like to describe our e-learning, but we'll let you be the judge of that!

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